Neverending Story Auryn
Neverending Story Auryn
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Neverending Story Auryn is a mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Originally created by Furryswords on Nexus Mods, Zekk41123 found it and saw many members of the community looking for updates. After making all the changes requested by the users, nearly every aspect of the mod was changed, leaving only the concept of actually making a mod featuring the legendary artifact from a childhood tale to Furryswords.


  • Full AURYN enchantment gives 55 Health, Magic and Stamina
  • Resist Fire, Frost, Shock and Magic magnitude 50%
  • Fortify Alchemy and Smithing 100%
  • The ability to craft an unenchanted Auryn.
  • A book found somewhere in Winterhold that describes how to craft and enchant a new Auryn.
  • New Mesh and textures provided by Kryptonian


This mod should be compatible with any version of the game, however it will conflict with anything that modifies the Atronach forge.