No Harm, No Fowl
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No Harm, No Fowl is a side quest in Falskaar. It is one of the four side quests relating to Dreams in Oblivion.

Objectives Edit

  1. Go to the bushes outside Kunnari's farm around midnight
  2. (Optional) Find the beast's lair before the second night
  3. Wait in the bushes, watching Kunnari's chickens
  4. Follow the wolf
  5. Search Sunken Skull Barrow
  6. Remove the magical crystal
  7. Return to Kunnari


Talk to Kunnari to begin this quest. He can normally be found around his farm, which is located within Amber Creek. Dialogue options reveal that his chickens are being randomly attacked and he doesn't know what is doing it. He asks the Dragonborn/Traveler to stake out within the bushes to see who or what is doing it.

Go to the quest marker and wait there until midnight. The quest will automatically update and a wolf will appear and attack a chicken. As it appears the wolf is responsible, follow it to its lair. When the lair is reached, a necromancer will be found outside and command the wolves to attack. Take them down, then enter the lair to find out more.

There will be many high level necromancers within Sunken Skull Barrow, as well as the possibility of a Necromage. Fight through the waves (potions to restore health and stamina are recommended here) through the barrow, until reaching the end. There will be a magical crystal on a plinth. Take down the enemies guarding it and collect the shard. Return to Kunnari for the reward. If the optional objective (as in doing the quest to completion quickly) was completed, then additional dialogue and rewards will be presented.

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