Non Interactable NPCs
CVR Nearly Headless Nick
Technical Information
Form ID
xx17B6B7 (Auryn)
xx15DA43 (Ben)
xx17B6A3 (Brook)
xx17B6B8 (Denelda)
xx15DA48 (Doc)
xx56BE84 (Feral Vampire)
xx17B6B6 (Maedor)
xx0CEB25 (Meshalla)
xx00CC5C (Morta)
xx12BA26 (Nearly Headless Nick)
xx07C20D (Torture Victim Chained F)
xx3505D4 (Torture Victim Chained M)
xx0968AB (Vampire Cattle Sweeper)
xx007EAD (Vampire Cattle Waitress)
xx17B6B9 (Veronica)
xx151402 (Wednesday)
Voice Actors
No Voice Actors given

Castle Volkihar Redux adds non interactable characters to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim such as; Volkihar vampires, hagravens and ghosts:


Aurits and Rurit's Inn (travel to Volkihar Undercroft)

  • Aurit's Master Vampire
  • Crystal Mother of the Night
  • Daniel Master Vampire
  • Deano Master Vampire
  • Rurits Master Vampire
  • Lillianna Ancient Vampire

North Tower Vault (Bathing Pool)

East Tower

Secret Cave

Secret Sewer (travel to and from Valerica's Tower tavern)

Valerica's Tower

  • Nearly Headless Nick (a Dawnguard ghost who wanders the castle)
  • Torture victims (two are in the torture chamber on the top floor of Valerica's Tower)

Volkihar Undercroft

  • Feral Vampire (wanders around the undercroft complaining)


  • On occasion Meshalla may wander up to the courtyard and fight with the Volkihar Vampires that pass through there. The author speculates it may be a mod conflict causing this.

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