Note from Garan Marethi
Found In

Note from Garan Marethi is a note added by Castle Volkihar Redux.


The note is found on a desk inside the Master Throne Wing. The desk is located on an upper tier to the right of the golden throne when facing it.


Dear Master

On the behalf of everyone in the castle, we all would like to show our appreciation for vanquishing Harkon and freeing us from his tyranny. The castle and our lives had fallen into a terrible rift of boredom.

I guess you could tell by the state of things, and so we have pledged the next few years to fixing and restoring the castle to its former glory and hopefully much more. I'm sure you'll see new changes every day if you just look around.

Anyway, as usual I am rambling. On the nearby wall you'll see a key ring to the right of your desk you should find two keys hanging there, one goes to the safe and the other to the strongbox's. I'm sure you know this means your items will be unmolested while you sleep, even if the best of thieves could slip by vampires, death hounds and gargoyles.

The only thing we worry most about is the infamous and illusive CK. No one knows when or where it will strike, but rest assured it is always lurking about in someone's home somewhere causing despair, anger and frustration. Other than that, I take my leave.

We look forward to being under your rule for a millennia! We know that will only happen if you are endorsed and rated by your peers.

Good luck!


Garan Morethi

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