Old Friends
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Old Friends is a side quest in Falskaar.

Objectives Edit

  1. Search Stoneridge Watch
  2. Help Jonulv kill the bandits
  3. Meet with Oudin and Jonulv
  4. Speak with Oudin

Walkthrough Edit

To start this quest, speak with Oudin. He can normally be found within the Amber Mead Inn sitting at the bar.

After talking about Jonulv and the bandits, the quest will begin. Head to Stoneridge Watch, a fort found at the very south of the Amber Hold. The area is full of high level bandits and will prove a challenge in some places. A follower is advised to assist, as is conjured atronachs or Dremora Lords. Fight through most of the bandits to reach the Stockade: here, Jonulv will be found, trapped within a prison cell. Speaking with him will yield useful information about what happened: once freed, he will run off to defend Amber Creek and the quest will update.

Simply follow him back to Amber Creek and attack all bandits found at the quest marker. Once they're defeated, meet Jonulv and Oudin and they will reconcile. Oudin will then provide a reward and the quest will end.


  • The quest marker to search Stoneridge Watch will erroneously point to the exit door which cannot be reached until Jonulv is found. Simply ignore it and find the trap door to the Quarters. Once on the upper balcony between another trap door and the upper Stockade door, the quest marker will be fixed.
  • The quest may be broken from the start with Jonulv being in Amber Creek since the Player arrival. He won't speak anything other than "Give me that key". It is still possible to start the quest and with console command "moveto player" put Jonulv in necessary plaices - jail and bandit camp. He will accordingly unlock the door and fight bandits, but after that his AI remains broken - he won't speak with Oudin and the quest is impossible to finish.

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