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This article is on a book authored by Antioch in Undeath. For other uses, see Orders.
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Found In
Dead body of Wynestra, Gundar and Selonius

Orders is a book added by Undeath.

Acquisition Edit

The book is spawned on the body of Wynestra, Gundar and Selonius, as soon as the quest Scourg Barrow has been started.

Contents Edit

I have located Scourg Barrow, just as the books described. Travel Southwest from the city of Markarth, across the mountain spine separating High Rock and Hammerfell. The path is treacherous, and the Barrow is deep within the Dragontail Mountain peaks, but I marvel at how well preserved these catacombs are.

The aura of power here is palpable, and I am more certain than ever that the secrets of Lichdom lie buried here, within my grasp! Bring the artifacts to me immediately when you have completed your tasks in Skyrim, and soon you may share in our recovery of these incredible powers.

- A

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