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Passage Home is a quest in Falskaar. The quest allows the Dragonborn /Traveler to exit Falskaar and return to Skyrim.


  1. Speak with Wulf about obtaining passage to Skyrim
  2. Travel to Skyrim from Falskaar in Wulf's boat


This quest can be started in two ways:

  1. Activating the boat in Dawnstar
  2. Speaking to any citizen of Amber Creek

When either of these have been done, the quest will start, directing the player to Wulf. Do note that the quest "Rough Waters" must be completed because Wulf will be tied up when entering Falskaar.

Speaking to him about obtaining passage to Skyrim ends the quest. An optional objective will be triggered to travel to Skyrim through the door hatch.



  • If the quest is started by trying to activate the boat found in Dawnstar, the journal entry will have no accompanying text telling the player what to do.
  • During the scene in which the Dragonborn is travelling back to Skyrim, the game may crash or freeze repeatedly, preventing the player from returning.
    • Solution: Install one of the mods listed above to bypass the scene.

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