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People are Strangers is an immersion mod in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that changes the name of NPCs to 'Stranger' until the Dragonborn has actually spoken to him. This does not apply to guards, nor the Jarls will be called "stranger". Instead, they will be called "Jarl" until spoken to. This doesn't apply to animals either, nor to any other non-humanoid character (such as Falmer and draugr). Dead bodies will remain untouched as well. NPCs spoken to before the mod has been installed will be taken into account and therefore won't be called 'stranger' either.

At the current, no incompatibilities have been noticed. The mod doesn't require any other mods, but will take effect on the NPCs from the official DLCs and other mods as well. As the mod is scriptless, except for one script that will only be run once, performance remains intact.