Physical Training Wing is a location added by Castle Volkihar Redux. Because live monsters and enemies can be spawned here it is considered a dungeon. Leveling, training and collecting high level items are this wing's sole purposes.


The wing is entered through the East Tower's upper spire armory. The armory is a large room with melee dummies, eight ranged dummies and some weapon racks. A small wooden door on the north wall of this large room goes to this wing.

The Dragonborn can also travel here by using the internal teleporter located in Teleport Tower West.


The room is an arena styled combat simulator which allows the Dragonborn to summons as many enemies as wanted by pulling levers. Both ranged or hand to hand options are available. There are five melee and five ranged foes that can be summonsed, each with their own respective lever.

Ranged levers are found on a basin that runs across the middle of the main room. Melee levers are found on a basin against the wall in the main room.

The following enemies can be spawned:


  • Levers: Spawning too many monsters will eventuall crash the game. How many depends on one's PC hardware

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