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This article is on player homes in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. If you are looking for the article on player homes in other games, see Player Homes.
Silver Falls Lodge

Silver Falls Lodge

Sjel Blad Castle

Sjel Blad Castle


Castle Volkihar Redux

Riverside shack cover

Riverside Shack

Player Homes are mods for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, that, rather predictably, add homes of many different sorts into the game, or adapt already existing player homes by expanding them, refurnishing them or changing them in any other way.


The Mods are sorted by classes; 'Castles and towers' and 'Houses and mansions'. Some of these mods are small, while others very large. A full list of all player home mods on the wiki can be found in the category Player Homes.

Castles and towersEdit

Houses and mansionsEdit


  • Expanded Towns and Cities: features various player homes in smaller towns that can be bought by speaking to a newly added NPC in the Jarl's longhouse, or the innkeeper if there is no jarl (such as is the case in Ivarstead).
  • Heljarchen Farm: a farm that can be upgraded as well as used as a player home

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