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Port of Call
Volkihar Docks
Quest Information
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Castle Volkihar
Quest Navigation
Releasing the Coven

Port of Call is a quest added by Castle Volkihar Redux. It's purpose is to reward the Dragonborn with upgrades to the Volkihar Docks, a new follow ready merchant companion and to provide a new source of income.


The quest giver, Louis Du Point du Lac is located on the Volkihar Docks near the smithing area and sometimes spends time selling his wares at a booth inside the Volkihar Undercroft.

This quest does not become available until the quest Releasing the Coven has been completed. The Dragonborn must then move in and out of the castle's interior to the exterior of the castle.


Allows the upgrade of the Volkihar Docks to a port of call. This rewards the Dragonborn with two follow ready companions, lit bonfires, shipping signs, crates, the night mothers coffin, and add's a vendor booth.

Three characters added by CVR are involved with this quest. Louis du Point De Laq, Dexternus and Captain Wheeler. Louis de Pointe du Lac is the new black smith vendor who wants to upgrade the Volkihar Docks. Dexternus is recruited to begin bottling the ficticious product Volkihar Real Blood. When this quest is completed, Captain Wheeler will begin selling Volkihar real blood across Skyrim and bring a monthly stipend of gold to the Dragonborn.


  • Upgraded shipyard
  • Follow ready merchant vampire companion
  • Monthly income ($5,500)


After many ages of being in a state of disrepair, Castle Volkihar is being restored by the Dragonborn's new influence over the Volkihar Clan. The Volkihar Docks are no acceptation.

Prior to the Volkihar family being turned into vampires and Harkon's harsh rise to power, the Volkihar Docks were the main source of income for the Volkihar family. In it's hay day it was a bustling port of call.

Beside being the main hub in the northern sea in Tamriel, the castle was revered as a warm safe haven for hundreds of merchants and shipping lines to trade their wares. It was also a renowned location for entertainment and lodging.

Not long after the Volkihar family became vampires the Volkihar Docks were still being visited by patrons. Due to being new vampires they could not control their unquenchable thirst for blood and would immediately descend upon anyone who docked their ships in the Volkihar Port.

On more than a few occasions sailors would either witness the cannibalistic nature of the vampires taking place or fight their way back to their ship's to flee. Knowledge of their dark gift could not be left to spread for fear of being destroyed by the human population. And so many battles would take place in the waters surrounding the port. Remnants of these fierce struggles for life that ended in death can be found strewn at the bottom of of the Volkihar bay.

Quest StagesEdit

Console name: Cleanerlightbonfire

5 Castle Volkihar needs an income and a way to attract new pray. Speak with Louis about upgrading the shipyard into a "Port of Call".
10 Tell Dexternus he must ramp up his efforts to make blood potions for distribution to vampires across Skyrim.
20 Light the Bon fire in the Castle Volkihar Shipyard. This will bring Captain Wheeler to port.
30 Talk to Captain Wheeler at the Volkihar Shipyard about having him distribute sell the blood potions made by Dexter.
40 The Volkihar Shipyard has been upgraded to a "Port of Call". You have also set up a production and sales channel for a monthly income. Be sure to check back with Captain Wheeler every 30 days to collect your profits.

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