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Pc x01 (Min: 10/Max: 70)
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Nile Zam Jones
"For without knowledge of pain and sadness, one cannot truly know what it means to be happy."

Qa'Dojo is a Khajiit Monk added by the Interesting NPCs mod. He can be encountered near the Shrine of Azura, The Frozen Hearth inn or Whistling Mine. He Is also a potential follower


When Qa'dojo is first encountered, he will tell the Dragonborn that he is on a pilgrimage to the shrine of Azura, but states that he is not a typical Daedric worshiper. He Believes that the Aedra are the "agents of stasis and order" and the Deadra are the "essence of change and chaos" and that when the two are in balance "time progresses at its natural flow."


Qa'dojo can be asked to tell the Dragonborn a parable, these parables are meant to teach about the harmony of the world, he also has many parables that can be unlocked by taking him to certain locations.

List of ParablesEdit

  • A wealthy Jarl requests a bard to craft him a verse for his children. The verse must convey his desire for their happiness. The bard meditates on the subject, before returning with his verse. He stands before the Jarl and recites the following: "May your children know anguish, pain and suffering. May they know boredom and strife, fear and despair." The Jarl leaps angrily from his throne, and demands the bard explain this insult. The bard deftly replies, "Forgive me, my Jarl. You asked me to write a verse the conveys the spirit of true happiness. I believe I have fulfilled the request. For without knowledge of pain and sadness, one cannot truly know what it means to be happy."
  • One should never speed up to catch up with life. One should slow life down to walk at your pace.
  • Such is the complexity of life, for all intentions, all actions, flow on the waves of balance. There is the story of a monk who travelled through a busy market, where a butcher was peddling his meats. The monk asked the butcher which meat was the tastiest, and the butcher replied, "All of it. Everything I sell is tastier then the other." And when the monk understood the butcher's lies were true, he gained a fragment of wisdom.
  • The Aedra are Thought to be callous because they are indifferent, too often leaving mortals to their own devices. It reminds me of the parable of the acolyte priestess who stole from the alms bowl. The other acolytes beseeched the head priest to investigate the matter and cast the thief out. Yet the priest replied that he already knew the identity of the thief. The Acolytes, angered, threatened to leave if the culprit was not revealed. If I cast the thief out, he replied, how will he ever learn remorse? If you leave, how will I ever teach you forgiveness?


  • Many of his stories are based on zen parables.

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