Releasing the Coven
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Castle Volkihar
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Releasing the Coven is a quest in the Castle Volkihar Redux mod. The quest rewards the Dragonborn with a new tower added to the castle. 


This quest is located inside a new tower inside Castle Volkihar named the Master Throne Wing. As soon as the Dragonborn travels to the exterior of the castle's island, the quest should begin.


Releasing the Coven becomes available once the quest Kindred Judgement is completed and Auriel's Bow has been acquired. The Dragonborn must travel to Castle Volkihar before the quest will trigger.

This quest opens up a new area known as the Volkihar Catacombs. The Catacombs are inside the Master Throne Wing and can only be accessed through a false cabinet with a key given to the Dragonborn during this quest. 

This quest adds armor and follow ready companions to Skyrim. A list of these companions can be found here under Brunar's coven.


  • Four new vampire followers
  • Access to the catacombs
  • Access to a portal to the vale
  • Heavily enchanted vampire armor on Brunar's corpse


Prior to Harkon's rule of the Volkihar Clan he had an older brother named Brunar. After Molag Bal made the Volkihar family vampires, a power struggle insued. Harkon built an army by giving the dark gift to massive amounts of people. His sheer strength in numbers turned the tides of the war between brothers.

Brunar and his clan retreated to the ancient family buriel catacombs where they were sealed in by Harkon's powerful magical enchantment. Not long after these events Valerica hid Serana in a sarcophagus inside Dimhollow Crypt and retreated to the Soul Cairn.

Quest StagesEdit

Console name: CleanerWTFHappenedHere
20 Get the key to the locked cabinet.
25 Open the locked cabinet and dispel the magic barrier.
35 Why was this wing of the castle sealed? Find the journal and read it.
40 The trapped vampires can now be released and will be under your rule.
50 You have expanded your empire with four very ancient and powerful vampires.


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