Ritual Notes
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Ritual Notes is a book added by Undeath.

Acquisition Edit

This book is automatically given to the Dragonborn upon the completion of the quest Black Book: Whispers of the Veil.

Contents Edit

The ritual appears to require a combination of three major components, none of which I predict will be easy to obtain.

Circle of Apotheosis - A very precise and intricate ritual circle will need to be crafted and prepared (as indicated opposite) for the ritual ahead of time. The procedure itself will need to be conducted inside the circle, or the ritual will fail. Finding a secure place to do this will not be easy...

The following items will need to be crafted with specialist tools...

The Phylactery - This object seems to be central to the process of Lichdom. It acts as a vessel for the soul during, and after the ritual. The principles involved seem to be similar to that of a soul gem, but much more complex and arcane. The Black Book has already supplied me with the knowledge to 'unbind' my own soul for this ritual, but withotu a proper receptacle I will surely perish.

- Crushed Black Pearl (1)
- Ensorcelled Vessel (1)
- Solution of Magicka Concentrate (1)

Elixir of Defilation - From the ingredients this concoction demands, it appears to be an incredibly fatal poison. The Elixir crafted from earlier also appears to be a key component of this. I suppose that my 'death' will be necessary for the soul to be unbound and enter the Phylactery, but the drinking of an incredibly deadly toxin does not fill me with excitement...

- Poison Bloom (1)
- Vial of Deadly Poison (1)
- Nightshade Extract (1)
- Finely Ground Bonemeal (1)
- Namira's Corrosion / Embalming Essence (1)

Ritual Process
With the circle drawn and prepared, the Phylactery must be set in place first.
I need to ensure that I have the Shroud of Vyngald with me, as the ritual's magic will be focused through it.
Inside the circle, I must unbind my soul.
When it is unbound, I should imbibe the Elixir of Defilation.
If the ritual was not performed successfully, the transformation will fail, and I will die...

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