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Robes of Molag Bal
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Armor Information

Robes of Molag Bal are a heavily enchanted armor added by Castle Volkihar Redux. These highly enchanted robes help the minions of Molag Bal carry out his desires throughout Tamriel and beyond.


Robes of Molag Bal 1

The robes from the back.

The robes can be found inside three chests in Castle Volkihar. There is one full set in each chest.


Robes of Molag Bal 2

The robes from the front.

These highly enchanted robes help Molag's minions carry out his desires throughout the plane of Tamriel and beyond. The robes (crafted in the realm of Molag Bal known as Coldharbour) are second to none for all classes.

The robes are also craftable under miscellaneous in at any forge. Any version of these robes can be worn by followers. Unenchanted versions of the robes can be crafted at the Volkihar Shipyard blacksmith under "misc".

Armor SetEdit


  • Khajiit models do not work properly wearing the hood. No fix for this is planned in later releases.

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