Runaway Cattle
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Runaway Cattle is a side quest in Falskaar. It is one of the four side quests relating to Dreams in Oblivion.

Objectives Edit

  1. Eliminate the source of the problem.                           
  2. Send Audmund's missing cow homeward.
  3. Return and speak to Audmund


This quest can be started by talking to Audmund at Audmund's Farm south of Amber Creek.

Warmth's Edge Caverns is northeast of Amber Creek.  At the top of the stairs to the left in the first room is some urns and a bit of minor loot. At the back of the room is a Master Necromancer working at a tanning rack with a dead elf beside him. There are a couple of potions on the table.  Just outside the room is another Master Necromancer. 

Follow the passage to the next room where you will find two more Master Necromancers and Audmund's missing cow. If you try to send the cow home you get the message "The cow won't budge. Something is really making it want to stay here."

Continue down the passage to another room. This time there are three Necromancers, one Novice, one Ascendant and one Master. Eliminate them and check out the source of the problem. Take the Magical Crystal Fragment then head left to get the Necromancers journal from the table and open the two chests.

Now don't forget to send the cow home. You can either jump up on the ledge behind where you found the Magical Crystal and follow it to the left to a passage that takes you back to the first room, or go back the way you came. This time you will get a message saying "The cow grunts and starts walking off towards Audmund's farm".

Return to Audmund for your reward.

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