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Shadow is a custom horse added by the mod Castle Volkihar Redux


Shadow can be found standing in a single wide stable near the peer going to the shipyard outside the Secret Cave entrance in the exterior of Volkihar island on the south west.

There are two stables in the exterior of the island. One near the front of Castle Volkihar's entry bridge on the south east side of Volkihar island and the single wide stable on the south-west side near the peer.

If you travel to Castle Volkihar while being dismounted Shadow will be placed in the triple wide stable near the front of the castle. If you ride another horse and release Shadow, he will walk back to his stable near the peer. This can take up to two weeks depending on how far away you released him from service.


Shadow is an immortal undead horse. He is extremely fast, about five times faster than a normal horse. His saddle is addorned with the Castle Volkihar Redux logo. The logo is of three castle towers with a half circle around it colored in blood red ink. Other than his speed and immortality he is a normal Skyrim Horse.

There is also a conjured version of this horse.

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