Shesha the Witch
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Shesha the Witch is a follow ready companion added by Castle Volkihar Redux .


Shesha is located inside the Secret Cave on the top tier.


Although Hagravens are typically enemies of the Dragonborn, there are some cases where they will align favor and friendship with those more powerful. Shesha is one of those exceptions.

Shesha has a sister named Meshalla on the lower level of this same cave, but Meshalla is not as amicable and does not follow the Dragonborn as a companion.

Shesha and Meshalla are no more powerful than any other regular Hagraven. The sisters have been cohabitating in the cave for many years praying on left over victims who either managed to escape or strayed from the dungeons of Castle Volkihar.

No one in the castle knows about the Secret Cave or the Hagravens except Nearly Headless Nick who may wander in and kill Meshalla. This will only happen when the Dragonborn is present as it is a scripted event.

Shesha is a terrible fighter. Although she has several heal other spells among her arsenal, she only seems to try to heal herself during an encounter and not very well.


  • Even though Shesha's character sheet speeds up her movement speed to 100, she still falls behind and constantly gets lost. Unfortunately during testing this companion was only good for show and storage

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