Three Shrines to Molag Bal have been added by Castle Volkihar Redux.


One shrine is located in Valerica's Tower (formerly Volkihar Ruins). This shrine is inside the temple of Molag Bal, which is located two levels below Valerica's Study (where the Soul Cairn portal can be found).

A second shrine is located in Harkon's Cathedral. The third is inside a secret vampire lair known as Aurits and Rurits Inn and can be found on the opposite side of Icewater Jetty from Castle Volkihar to the south west (this shrine does not offer any buffs). You can follow some of the vampires visiting the Volkihar Undercroft black market back to this hidden location.


The shrine do not become interactable until the Dawnguard quest Touching the Sky has been completed.

The shrine bestows a hearty buff of 100% Sneak and Muffle (for 8 hours), permanently maxes illusion magic to 100 and removes all diseases and curses for both vampire and human subjects. However it does not remove Vampirism (the disease known as Sanguinare Vampiris). Using the shrine starts a short graphic where the Dragonborn will kneel and drink from the fountain's pool.

The shrine located in the temple of Molag Bal has two interactive points. One on the left (using this gives no buff) and one on the right. Only when the Dragonborn uses the right side will the unique buff be given. This was added so the same enjoyment of using the altar is offered to those that do not wish to receive the buff.

Not to be confused with the Altar of Molag Bal. An additional version of the Altar of Molag Bal has been added to the temple above the parapet. It also has right and left interactive points. The same buff and rules apply here as well. A small nob on the wall to the left behind the shrine allows the Dragonborn to activate the altar which will deploy five large claws creating a cage.


  • NPCs will not interact with the side of the shrines or altars that offers a buff. This would cause bugs in the game and ensures the Dragonborn will not be blocked from using them.

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