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Tailor Made is a quest added by the mod Interesting NPCs. It can be triggered when the Dragonborn has Skjel as a follower and asks him about getting a new body.


Upon asking Skjel the Gray about getting him a new body, he will tell of a mage that lives in Riften, the Tailor. He lives in the House of Garments, which can be found on the lower walkway (the same level as Elgrim's Elixirs).

Speaking to the mage, he will tell the Dragonborn his secret, and the quest will complete here. The Tailor is willing to help, and asks in return the skeleton's bones, as well as the cave where Skjel must go to complete the ritual has to be cleared of necromancers.

It is up to the Dragonborn to decide whether or not Skjel will accept the bargain. They can also choose to kill the Tailor, which will result in the quest A Good Fit. If they choose to spare him, however, the quest A Good Fit will be initiated as well.

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