Tel Nalta I
Tel Nalta I
Mod Information
Lake Ilinalta, near Half-Moon Mill
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Tel Nalta I is a player home mod, and 'prequel' to Tel Nalta II, it adds a Telvanni-inspired player home at Lake Ilinalta.

At first the island is deserted and it's up to the Dragonborn to grow and build everything. 11 New NPCs can be hired who keep themselves busy with chores during the day and sleep at night. Some of these merchant NPCs will sell new things such as new spells and clothes. The Dragonborn can also grow his own plants in the garden.


Grow and build a Telvanni town where the main tower will be the Dragonborn's personal home. This new town comes with its own NPCs and a few extras along with it.


  • New town with Grow and Build system
  • Player Tower (1 interior room with storage, mannequins, crafting stations, etc...)
  • Consilium Tower
  • Apothecary
  • General Stores
  • Blacksmith
  • NPCs, followers and conjuration spells
  • Aquifer (underground pool / lake)
  • Greenhouse (grow your own plants)
  • HD Telvanni Robes (different colors and enchantments)
  • New navmeshes





  • Moon and Star
  • Any mod that changes the cells in which Tel Nalta is located

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