Teleport Kiosk
Item Information

One teleport kiosk is added by Castle Volkihar Redux. It's primary use is to provide a quick travel option to all wings of the castle.


The internal teleport kiosk is located in a large cathedral styled alcove adjascent to the main room of the Teleport Tower West. It offers transport to all of the teleport pads located in each wing of the castle.



Teleport kiosk destination menu

The teleport Kiosk is a stone statue of a vampire with a teleport portal at it's feet. When the kiosk is used it offers a list of internal destinations inside Castle Volkihar. Once used it will teleport the Dragonborn to the chosen destination.

The following is a list of destinations offered by this kiosk:

It should be noted that all of these pads return to the soul well in the center of the main room of Teleport Tower West (soul well is seen in in the picture below).


All teleporters return here.

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