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Teleport to Castle Volkihar
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Teleport to Castle Volkihar is a spell tome added by Castle Volkihar Redux. These teleportation spell tomes are essential because they make any utility in the castle within reach in only 30 strides. This makes it as convenient as any other small home, but still gives Dragonborn the "sandbox"!


The tomes may be found when entering the top floor of Teleport Tower West, sitting on a lectern.

One teaches teleport to volkihar cast left handed and the other is cast right handed. The reasoning behind having a left handed and right handed spell is so the left hand will not remove a designated equip spot from the favorites menu.


Once the spell tome of Teleport to Castle Volkihar has been learned by using the tome in inventory, the Dragonborn will be able to locate the spell under alteration and can teleport directly to the center of Teleport Tower West into the Soul Well. This is an entry only receiving pad.

The Dragonborn will then have access to both the internal and external teleportation networks offered in Teleport Tower West.

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