The Deadliest Catch
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The Deadliest Catch is a side quest in Falskaar given by a child named Galen. It is one of the four side quests relating to Dreams in Oblivion.

Objectives Edit

  1. Kill all the overgrown mudcrabs on the beach.
  2. Search Sandyshell Hollow for an explanation for the giant mud crabs.
  3. Tell Galen that the beach is one again safe.

Walkthrough Edit

This quest can be started by talking to Galen at the Falskaar Docks who asks the Dragonborn/Traveler to kill mudcrabs so he can play on the beach.

The beach is found directly west of the docks and the overgrown mudcrabs are easily located by four markers. Once all mudcrabs are killed you are tasked to enter Sandyshell Hollow to find out the source of the mud crabs appearance.

Upon progressing through the area, the Dragonborn/Traveler discovers necromancers inhabit the area. Once you have reached the end of the cave, loot the chest to the left and pick up the gem fragment on the center pedestal if you are completing Dreams in Oblivion. After that, exit the cavern and return to Galen, who will thank the Dragonborn/Traveler and provide a small amount of gold. If you refuse the payment, it is possible to get some gold from Galen's father (which will be more than from the child) inside the Trading Post Store. This will become available through dialog.

Trivia Edit

  • It is possible that entering Sandyshell Hollow will have a small chance to have almost all of the necromancers dead. If this happens, the quest is significantly easier as only mudcrabs will have to be dealt with.
  • Dialogue options with Galen at the end of the quest can result in a bigger reward than 25 gold.

Bugs Edit

  • Killing the Overgrown Mudcrabs and clearing Sandyshell Hollow, then speaking to Galen will prevent the quest from being completed.
    • Solution: Talk to Galen before killing any mudcrabs near Sandyshell Hollow.
  • Some followers may not be able to enter the passageway and become stuck. If this happens, there is a chance for an infinite loading screen bug when exiting.
    • Solution: Tell any followers to wait until returning back to them.

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