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Welcome to TES-Mods Wiki. This wiki is your number one source for all things relating to mods for the Elder Scrolls! The wiki is a work in progress, so please help to improve our content, whether you use mods or are a modder.

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    Hello there!

    Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Sajuuk and I've been a part of the wiki community here for a couple of months. When I joined the wiki, there was an issue relating to plagiarised content and I've battled hard to have such content removed from the wiki, to ensure we're not chased down and (to use the phrase) hung, drawn and quartered :P

    Just recently, I started helping out the wiki with the creation of a new style guideline and new infoboxes. As a result of my various edits aro…

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    Dear all Elder scrolls players, there is now a wiki were you may add all your favorite (and less then favorite) Elder Scrolls Mods!!!!

    But we need you. yes you! there are way too many mods out there then the current team can possibly ever even think of, and because of this we need all elder scrolls pc players, mod authors, or even people that just enjoy watching play throughs on youtube to come and help this wiki, i knw with your help we can make this wiki a database for all mods out there.

    Here …

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    Hi guys, just here to tell you guys of a brand new wiki, this is a wiki designed for just The Elder Scrolls Mods, it should have the same quality of articles as this wiki, and should also help people raise awareness of there own mods. If you would like to help out click down bellow. Add as many articles as you can, you can also add characters from the mods, and have quest walk throughs.

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There are many places where you can download mods. The following is a list of well-known places you can find as well as upload mods. There are more websites available, but these are recommended by the Wiki community:

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