The Forgotten Tower
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The Forgotten Tower is a quest added by Castle Volkihar Redux. The quest rewards the Dragonborn with a new tower added to the castle. 


This quest starts inside the Master Throne Wing's Catacombs and ends in the Daedric South Tower .


A book named Report: Forgotten Tower is given to the Dragonborn by Irarak which initiates this quest. This quest does not becomes available until the Dragonborn completes the CVR quests Releasing the Coven and Port of Call and has moved into the Master Throne Wing. This quest opens up a new tower in the castle, the Daedric South Tower. The tower has daedric and aedric artifact displays as well as many glass weapon display cases, weapon racks and mannequins.

The picture in the infobox on this page shows the Altar of Namira with the Ring of Namria inserted into it. Once the ring is inserted it gives a unique spider companion known as Namira's Gift. This altar serves as the gateway for the Wizard Anigo Montoya's soul. Originally his body was placed here so that he would suffer eternity in the realm of Namira.


  • An entirely new tower filled with unique displays for Daedric and Aedric artifacts
  • Possible access to Namira's Gift (dependant on prior choices in the skyrm quest The Taste of Death)
  • Access to two new Balconies
  • Use of many new mannequins
  • Use of many new glass weapon display cases
  • Use of a few new weapon racks
  • Use of Edler Scroll displays


Prior to the time Harkon and his army ruled the castle, there was a Daedric Tower where magical trophies were displayed. One of the trophies was the body of a powerful wizard of whom hunted the Volkihar Clan because they had eaten his entire family.

Due to the wizards amazing powers he was still able to summon Namira's shadowy powers and minions forth into the tower even after his death. Because of this the entire castle was almost lost. So the portal to the Daedric South Tower was bricked up and magically sealed away by Irarak.

The Dragonborn must dispatch all of the enemy creatures inside of the Daedric South Tower to claim it as the final reward from this quest.

Quest StagesEdit

Console name: CleanerDaedricTower

0 Irarak has some very interesting news, find him and get the "Report: Forgotten Tower".
10 Read the "Report: Forgotten Tower". The story of the Daedric South Tower is told.
20 Find and dismantle the barricaded entrance to the Daedric South Tower.
30 Destroy all creatures inside the Daedric South Tower and cast an "Ice Rune" over the wizards corpse.
40 Get the key to the utility closet from the Wizard's corpse.
50 Clean out all the spider webs, eggs and debris by using the magic broom.
60 The Daedric South Tower is now a part of Castle Volkihar once more.

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