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CVR Gargoyle King
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The Gargoyle King is added by Castle Volkihar Redux . He is the main boss in the quest It's Good to be King. Twice the size of any ordinary sentinel, he is also five times as powerful! The vampire alliance with the gargoyles can only be kept as long as he is subdued.


The Gargoyle King, can be found in the furthest room of the Gargoyle King's Lair.

The Dragonborn should not attempt to kill the Gargoyle King until the quest "It's Good to be King" leads there. Otherwise the quest will bug out.


Equipped with massive damage and huge amounts of stamina and health, the Gargoyle King is no easy foe to defeat. This mob has no loot table and drops nothing as the Dragonborn is already rewarded with a castle loaded with a gargoyle army, two hefty chests of epic loot during the quest, and will acquire two unique ethereal swords.

It is highly recommended that the Dragonborn bring both an animal and companion NPC follower for this boss fight. Weapons and armor will need to be fully enchanted. Bring lots of health potions!

Player levels may vary, this is why Castle Volkihar Redux includes heavily enchanted Robes of Molag Bal! The Dragonborn should dawn these robes if he finds this fight too much to handle!

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