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This article is on the quest. If you are looking for the article on the item, see Heart of the Gods. For other uses, see Heart of the Gods
The Heart of the Gods
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The Heart of the Gods is a quest in Falskaar. Staalgarde is destroyed and Yngvarr Unnvaldr's only hope is to reach the Heart of the Gods.


  1. Go to the Mountain Mist Temple
  2. Stop Yngvarr from obtaining the Heart of the Gods


This quest will start immediately after all the Elite Guard are defeated within Unnvaldr Keep. Immediately after, Brother Thorlogh will initiate conversation. The Traveler then has to go to Mountain Mist Temple.

Upon reaching the Heart Chamber, Yngvarr taunts Angar while his wizards attempt to disable the barrier. All seems lost when they succeed and Yngvarr turns to take the Heart of the Gods, when Agnar challenges him to a duel. Instead of duelling Agnar however, Yngvarr wishes to fight the Traveler instead.

As soon as Yngvarr is defeated however, a green blast of energy knocks back everyone and freezes the Dragonborn/Traveler. Yngvarr will once again attempt to take the Heart of the Gods, but this time Ahkrinviing swoops in and grabs him, preventing him from taking the mythical item. Not much later, the Dragonborn/Traveler is teleported back to the Amber Mead Inn, where Agnar commences a speech. The quest ends when Agnar's speech is finished.


  • Quest never starts.
  • It is possible that, after waiting a few hours and then entering the temple, the required NPCs will still not enter the temple.
  • If you go back to the gate at the south after defeating the Elite Guard in Unvaldr Keep (instead of following the path to the north west) and jump over the wall you will not be able to get back in and continue the quest. This will also happen if you fast travel out of the Staalgarde region. There are ways to fix it the easiest being going to the gate into Staalgarde and disabling it through the console.

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