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The Lady in the Lighthouse
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Falskaar Lighthouse

The Lady in the Lighthouse is a side quest for Falskaar.

Objectives Edit

  1. Investigate the Falskaar Lighthouse.
  2. Search the room for the key to the gate.
  3. Search the treasure for the last signs of Janna.
  4. Tell Wulf what you've learned.

Walkthrough Edit

Talk to Wulf at the docks to start the quest through dialogue branches.

When fast traveling to the lighthouse, go just inside the covered area. To the right on a table is a Shrine of Zenithar, Shrine of Kynareth, and a Shrine of Stendarr. Up the stairs at the very top is lighthouse bonfire area. Go back down and head inside the door, into the lighthouse.

Once inside, head down the stairs to the main room. Upon entering the room, a female ghost will appear beyond the tables and walk through the closest doorway into the room, where she will disappear. In this room is a double-bed with a skeleton still in it, as well as an empty chest opposite the bed. On the nightstand you will find Janna's Diary. From this room, go through the other doorway (the one with cobwebs). At the back of this room you will find a set of black doors in the ground. Opposite the trapdoor, beneath the wood shelves, there is a sideways lever that activates the doors.

Fall through into the cave tunnel and follow it. After a ways, there is a corridor that opens up to the right; following it will lead to a secret exit activated by a chain on the wall. Go back to the main corridor and follow it to the end; when you turn left, you will see the ghost again on the far end of the large room ahead.

A gate at the end of the room must be opened with a key found in a Tattered Journal in a bookshelf on the right wall. Continuing past the gate and through a hallway leads you to another apparition of Janna's ghost and a treasure room containing three chests and a skeleton. In the central chest is a note: To Wulf's Parents.

Upon returning to Wulf and after telling him the story of the lighthouse, the player has the option to give Wulf the money (1000 gold) that Janna wanted him to have, or ask for a reward. Giving Wulf the money permanently lowers the cost of travelling back to Skyrim down to 100 gold.

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