The Scent of Old Death
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Solitude Sewers

The Scent of Old Death is a quest added by Castle Volkihar Redux.


The new cells associated with this quest are located inside the city of Solitude. The quest begins as soon as the Dragonborn enters Solitude and will give a quest marker to a manhole cover just outside the back door of Erikur's House.

The Secret Sewer has three external manhole cover's on the street near Erikur's house and Proudspire Manor.

There is also a secret entrance located inside a downed tree's stump. It is heavily obscured by fauna making it extremely difficult to locate. The hidden downed tree entrance is due east on the road from the Solitude Docks, just below Solitude nestled in an alcove under an over hanging cliff.

Except for the manhole cover outside Erikur's house, all entrances need a key to open. That key is given to the Dragonborn at the end of this quest.


This quest becomes available after the Dragonborn has moved into external Solitude cells, or from fast traveling inside the city.

The entire quest takes place inside the Secret Sewer of Solitude. The Dragon born must dispatch six feral vampires and four skeevers while being lead through the lair by quest objectives. At the end of this quest the Dragonborn is rewarded with a full service vampire lair equipped with everything a starting vampire needs.

Quest StagesEdit

Console name: CleanerSolitudeSewers

0 Your sharp nose detects the slight hint of a scent reminiscent of old death. You should investigate further as there is probably a vampire coven safehouse somewhere nearby.
5 Carefully investigate the secret lair, who knows what lurks inside!
10 What utility would this secret lair offer a vampire?
20 Explore further and see what you can find laying around.
30 You've found a key. Search around and see what it goes to.
40 You've found a secret hatch on the ceiling! This must be what that key is for. You are now the proud owner of a secret lair in Solitude.


  • If the Dragonborn gains entry to Teleport Tower West which is added by Castle Volkihar Redux, it is possible to teleport into the Secret Sewer before triggering the quest by entering Solitude. To fix this bug, the Dragonborn must climb out of the manhole cover to Solitude to kick off the quest 
  • This is the one and only part of this mod that makes this CVR mod not compatible with Open Cities mod. Apparently the doors to the sewer somehow conflict. More information on this conflict should be read about on Open Cities mod page as a whole FAQ is listed there 

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