The Sleeping Giant
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Quest Information
Met Fjona
Cleared Moss Mother Cavern
No Followers
Blood of Kings-questline not running
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The Sleeping Giant is a quest added by the mod Interesting NPCs. Quite a few prerequisites have to be met in order to start the quest.


If Rumarin is asked where to go next, he will suggest investigating a rumor of a sleeping giant that protects a great treasure. The giant should be able to be put to sleep with a lullaby. Rumarin suggests taking a bard that can fight as well, in case the giant wouldn't fall asleep.

Two places will be pointed out to find a suitable candidate for the trip: the Moorside Inn and Jorrvaskr. The bard outside Jorrvaskr would be Fjona, who by now has changed her heavy attire for light armor. The other is an adventurer called Jonas Giant-Bane. He boasts to having killed many giants, but it is quickly revealed that Anum-La is the one to have killed said giants.

The group of four then have to travel to Moss Mother Cavern. The giant can be found bathing in the lake at the end of the cavern, but upon hearing Fjona's music, he will attack. He has to be defeated first, and then the Dragonborn has to dive to the bottom of the lake. There, the corpse of a female Bosmer can be found, together with a ring. Rumarin then reveals that the one to rescue the woman, who is in fact a princess, becomes her betrothed. The quest ends here, with no reward except for the new NPC, Alendriel.


  • Rumarin mentions a puny giant. This is in fact Berg
  • Rumarin mentions a halfwit. This is in fact Hjoromir
  • If Rumarin and the Dragonborn are married, he will claim Fjona to be the one to have retrieved the ring

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