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The Way of the Nine
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Quest Information
Given by
S'vashni or innkeepers
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The Way of the Nine is a quest added by the mod Interesting NPCs. It can be initiated by either speaking to S'vashni or one of the local innkeepers. The latter will give you a note that directs you to S'vashni, who can be found at Peak's Shade Tower. After a few talks, ask her How did you kill your Master to start the quest.

The quest is about a legendary sword fighting style, inspired by Nine Divines, each representing one style.


  1. Talk to S'vashni
  2. Enter Skyshadow Crypt
  3. Gather the eight blessings
  4. Pick a side
  5. The confrontation



Stage Information
1 S'vashni tells the story and Skyshadow Crypt is unlocked
15 S'vashni argues with a pilgrim
25 Pilgrim leads the Dragonborn to the rear door, where he dies and Garrett takes his place
30 Garrett asks to get the eight blessings
40 All 8 blessings are received
45 The Dragonborn returns to the crypt
50 S'vashni gives the Dragonborn the option to betray Garrett
55 The ritual is undergone on Garrett's side
60 The 8 ghosts are called
70 The ghosts are all killed and the Dragonborn can now use the power of The Way of the Nine
75 The Dragonborn confronts S'vashni
80 The Dragonborn leads Garrett to the Weynon Stones
90 Garrett is delivered to the duel
95 Together, S'vashni and the Dragonborn kill all nine ghosts
100 The Dragonborn kills S'vashni
110 Garrett thanks the player and takes his leave
200 S'vashni fails to learn the technique, but Garrett is dead

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