The Throne Room is a sublocation in the Master Throne Wing added by Castle Volkihar Redux. The throne is where the one true vampire king rules over skyrim.


The throne room is central to this entire wing. It is located between the catacombs and the meeting room.

It can be accessed after coming through a double door and portcullis from the Volkihar Courtyard. Then up to the top of five flights of stairs 

It can also be accessed from Volkihar Tavern, the East Tower and a door near the North Tower near the Treasure Vault room.

The internal teleportation system in Teleport Tower West also gives access to a teleport pad located just thirty feet from the throne. The only door to the Daedric South Tower is on a small balcony of this room.


The throne room is integral to the entire theme of this mod, restoring the castle to it's former glory and experiencing Skyrim as the one true king of vampires. It is also the main hub for several quests.

Three lavish dining tables complete with golden place settings decorate small balconies flanking each side of this room on an upper teir. This room is also decorated with fine red curtains and carpeting. A desk for the ruler of Volkihar can also be found on the east parapet.

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