Changelog for Undeath

1.0 Edit

- Initial Release.

1.1 Edit

- Fixed an issue with E3 demo content reappearing while Undeath was active.
- Players can no longer be a Vampire Lord or Werewolf AND a Lich at the same time: becoming one will cure the player of their diseases and remove the associated transformations.
- Fixed an issue with a conflict which was preventing 'Hitting the Books' from starting.
- If a staff is equipped in your right hand it will now be used after transforming into a Lich.
- Increased the speed of the Lich whilst transformed.
- Shade of the Revenant changed from 6 days back up to 8 as it was in Oblivion.
- Undeath passive now provides immunity to diseases.
- Dark Pact can now be removed by recieving other blessings.
- Ravenscorn Map marker moved closer to the tower to ensure it is triggered.
- Tome of Unlife graphical bug fixed.
- Ravenscorn Spire has been optimised with room bounds.
- Solitude Sewer music tracks added.
- Ravenscorn Spire music tracks added.
- Brokers Shack music tracks added.
- Dragontail Mountains music tracks added.
- Scourg Barrow music tracks added.
- Apocrypha music tracks added.
- The Broker now has fully custom dialogue and can be asked about a number of topics.

1.2 Edit

- Custom music removed / disabled to attempt to prevent CTD's in all added locations.
- Fixed an issue with Lich form duplicating staves it equipped.
- Fixed an issue with Lich form re-equipping previously equipped staves, even if the player wasn't currently using one when they transformed.
- Fixed an issue with the Broker's dialogue where she wouldn't give the player the book 'Necromancer's Moon'.

1.3 Edit

- Custom music re-added as loose files to prevent the CTD issue where it couldn't be read from the .bsa.
- Reworked the transformation ritual so that it should no longer kill - or fail to trigger for players even if they completed it successfully.
- The players race is now stored immediately before the first ritual transformation to prevent issues where the players race wasn't stored correctly due to alternative start mods.
- More clouds added to Dragontail Mountains.

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