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Unique Skulls of Skyrim is a mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that features a scavenger hunt for 875 skulls throughout Skyrim. For this mod, nothing but Skyrim itself is required. A book that lists all the skulls that can be found is present as well, and can be found in the Midden Dark. The author has also provided a mod to go along with this one, that installs a place where the skulls can be displayed.

The different skulls can be divided into categories, depending on the areas where they can be found:

  • The Dunlain Collection: city centres, in plain sight, easy to find
  • The Black Collection: on people, for pickpockets and assassins
  • The Green Collection: situated in far out places
  • The Blue and Red Collections: in-between the Dunlain Collection and the Green Collection