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Robert S. Benjamin

Valfred, commonly known as Jarl Valfred, is the current Jarl and leader of the ancient city of Borvald.


Warning ValfredEdit

Jarl Agnar, the Jarl of Amber Creek, suspects that Yngvarr Unnvaldr may be about to attack Borvald. To that end, he dispatches the Dragonborn to warn Valfred of the impending danger. During the talks, Yngvarr's bandits attack and raze the city, but Valfred helps the Dragonborn to escape to Agnar through the catacombs. During this escape, Valfred understands what Yngvarr is looking for after passing through a secret door and spotting Kolgrim stealing a key. After exiting on top of a waterfall, Valfred insists the Dragonborn save themselves while he goes to keep the bandits at bay. It is unknown whether he survived.

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