Vigilant Escort's Orders
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Keeper Tristan
Found In

Vigilant Escort's Orders is a note found in Undeath.

Acquisition Edit

The note is found on the body of Vigilant Nikolas at the Vigil of Stendarr caravan during the introductory quest In Their Footsteps

Contents Edit


The accursed artifacts that were confiscated from the College of Winterhold carry the taint of heresy and evil such as I have never before seen. Although I am loathe to involve yet more wizards in this calamity, I fear the College of Winterhold is the only neutral magical institution capable of aiding us in the destruction of this foul item.

I entrust you and your knights to safeguard the artifacts on their way to Winterhold. Beware the mages however; in their unseemly pursuit of knowledge, they cannot be trusted or expected to withstand its corruption.

Stendarr be with you,
- Keeper Tristan

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