Vizemundsted is a location in Falskaar.


Little is known about the history of Vizemundsted or why it was created. It can be assumed that it was created to act as a library of knowledge, similar to that of Avanchnzel on Skyrim. Part of the original construction appears to have been very close to a Nordic burial ground

After Olav's group settled on the island, some scholars entered Vizemundsted and used the ruin as a library of all knowledge they could accumulate. One day, the automatons within reawoke and killed everyone present and burning all knowledge that had been stored. A scholar named Skorvaal survived and immediately tried rewriting all the information they had stored, but could only copy the contents about a hidden chamber in the mountains

Related QuestsEdit

The Dragonborn will be sent here to retrieve a book to assist Jarl Agnar in finding out what Yngvarr Unnvaldr is looking for.

Notable itemsEdit

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