Four balconies are added by Castle Volkihar Redux mod. They are in addition to the existing balcony attached to Valerica's Study, where the Soul Cairn portal is still located after Castle Volkihar Redux has been installed.


  • East Tower Balcony can be found through a small door on top of a parapet inside the upper spire armory
  • Master Throne Wing Balcony is located above the Volkihar Courtyard on the east side. Go through a small door on the upper level directly across from the throne. After entering the door to the Daedric South Tower, follow the long corridor all the way to the end and go through another small door to access this balcony.
  • Daedric South Tower East Balcony is accessed by going through a small door to the east side of the South Tower. It is near a teleportation pad .
  • Daedric South Tower West Balcony is accessed by going through a large double door to the west side of the South Tower.


The East Tower (front right side of the castle) and South Tower (above the Volkihar Docks) balconies are added to the exterior of the castle. The Daedric South Tower and the Master Throne Wing also have internal balconies that overlook the Volkihar Courtyard.

Each balcony is furnished with sitting areas and friendly NPC sit and lean markers (so companions use default idle animations). The main purpose of these balconies are mostly aesthetic. However one can base jump from the East Tower Balcony and from the Daedric South Tower West Balcony. Base jumping from the Daedric South Tower Balcony is a quick way to get down to the Volkihar Docks below (be sure you hit the water)!

A clear weather trigger has been added to the Daedric South Tower Balcony. Otherwise at this altitude the default snowy windy weather made it impossible to enjoy the scenery.

CVR Docks Overlook Balcony

Daedric South Tower External Balcony

CVR MasterThrone Balcony2

Master Throne Courtyard Balcony

CVR SouthTower BalconyEast1

South Tower Courtyard Balcony

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