The Volkihar Bathing Pool is a sublocation inside the North Tower Vault of Castle Volkihar. It is added by Castle Volkihar Redux.


The baths are located in the North Tower Vault south west quarter, hidden by a few doors throughout this wing. One can hear the fountains pooring into the pools from a room over and could follow the sound.


This luxurious swimming and bathing pool is adorned with beautiful statue fountains and vines that grow all over the walls of the interior. A light mist flows over the top of the pools as water pours in from all sides.

Vampires must bath or risk being detected when they hunt in human populated cities due to their musky undead smell after long hybernation periods in hollowed ground or coffins. The Volkihar bathing pools are also there to wash after using the Blood Bath.

Five vampire slaves can usually be found hanging around at the bathing pools. They are slaves who dedicate their existence to pampering every need the Dragonborn may have. They are sort of like Dragonborn groupies. When they do leave the bathing pool it is to sleep in the upper recesses of the Volkihar Undercroft. Five coffin's are well hidden on a small parapet. One would have better luck finding this sleeping area by following the bathing pool groupies when they leave to sleep around 5-6am.


The following characters are found wandering the bathing pool in the North Tower:

  • Auryn
  • Bathing vampires 
  • Brook
  • Denelda
  • Maedor
  • Veronica


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