The Volkihar Catacombs are a new location added by Castle Volkihar Redux, located within the Master Throne Wing. Depending on which quests have been completed, the location can be entered from two different points.


The catacombs are split into two sections. The ancient burial tombs and the hall of the dead. Long before the Volkihar family became vampires this was the place where they buried their ancestors. After Molag Bal made the Volkihar family vampires a power struggle insued and an entire coven of vampires were magically sealed away in this part of the castle around the same time Valerica hid Serana away in a sarcophagus inside Dimhollow Cavern and retreated to the Soul Cairn.

Brunar was Harkon's brother and was deceived and finally starved out (along with the rest of his coven) inside these catacombs after being locked away for thousands of years. However, some of Brunar's coven members were able to survive the long hibernation. One can read more about this in Brunar's journal.


This area does not become available until the quest Releasing the Coven is completed. Several other quests take place here. After Fortify Volkihar is completed, the main hall of the catacombs are transformed back to their former glory.

When the quest Keep em Coming! is completed a new vampire cattle dungeon is added to catacombs. This quest adds a lever to spawn as much cattle as wanted and two additional unique Elite Death Hounds who guard the vampire cattle.

The ancient buriel tombs are where several enemy draugrs and a draugr ghost will be encountered. A portal to the Forgotten Vale's "Inner Sanctum Balcony" (which provides quick access to an Auri-El wayshrine) will also be available for use here.

On the east side of the ancient buriel chamber a necromancer ritual room can be found. It has three embalming ritual tables, several chests filled with unique armor called Armor of Service and a small armory of draugr weapons. All of the new Draugr Castle Guards added by CVR will be spawned here. If one enters this room prior to the final Dawnguard quest Kindred Judgement being finished, they will see the Draugr Castle Guards loitering here. They will not begin their respective patrols throughout the castle until Kindred Judgement is completed.



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