Volkihar Cathedral is a location that has been upgraded by Castle Volkihar Redux.


The Volkihar Cathedral is located inside the Volkihar Guild Hall (Keep). Once inside the Guild Hall it is found by going through a portcullis and two large double doors.


Volkihar Cathedral does not upgrade until after the Dawnguard quest Kindred Judgement has been completed.

The Volkihar Cathedral is a great retreat and temple for the new Master of Volkihar, the Dragonborn. All crumbled stone and broken parapets have been repaired. Royal dining tables, chairs and dinner ware now adorn the upper tier baclonies.

The existing Shrine to Molag Bal is upgraded so the Dragonborn can use it. Using the shrine gives a unique buff.



  • Two Storage trunks (on either side of the entry door)
  • Three bookshelves (on the top tier above the entry door)


  • The Shrine to Molag Bal is hard to use because this shrine is so large and the activator to use the shrine is very small. Moving the mouse around while standing on the platform should eventually show the use marker.

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