Castle Volkihar Redux upgrades the base level of Valerica's Tower (formerly the ruins) into a huge library and an additional dining area which provides ample book storage and a large sitting area. One can find a few secluded places to read without distractions here.


The library is located on the base level of Valerica's Tower. It can be entered from the spiral stair case leading down from the Volkihar Courtyard's moondial, the Volkihar Docks eastern parapet's small wooden door or from the upper levels of Valerica's Tower.


Besides being a library with ample book storage, this floor also doubles as an additional dining hall. 

The library has twenty six storage ready book cases that line the walls in a U shape in clusters of eight back to back. Most of them are already filled with books, but more can be added by the Dragonborn. Two of the book cases on the west wall are custom named for the Dragonborn and were added with the sole purpose of storing books.

The dining area has a large square table at the center of the room. Two vampire cattle servants stand ready with fresh blood filled goblets on trays. Most of the new Volkihar Clan added by this mod will come down here at various times to drink, read and relax.

Large stone heads decorate the south wall, a few shelves and small tables are filled with toys and condiments such as miniture coffins, black smithing replica's as well as other decorative knick knacks, gold plates and goblets.


  • Twenty six book cases

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