Volkihar Sleeping Parlor is a location added by Castle Volkihar Redux. This area provides initiate vampire fledglings and visiting vampires a place to sleep.


The Volkihar Sleeping Parlor is located in Valerica's Tower on the 2nd tier. There are two ways to enter the parlor. From the lower or upper levels of Valercia's Tower.


Volkihar Sleeping Parlor is an exclusive place for guests and low ranking Volkihar clan vampire's to sleep. A few coven's across Skyrim have aligned with the Volkihar clan and come to enjoy the music and parties. This area gives those guests a choice of fourteen coffin's to sleep in before traveling home. Many of the working vampires such as the bards also use these facilities on a regular basis.

Particians line both sides of this room giving some privacy to the coffin's standing vertically against the walls inside their respective cubbies. A golden chamber pot is placed next to each coffin. These chamber pots are emptied by enslaved vampire cattle who can be seen sweeping, cleaning and chopping wood for the fireplaces in Castle Volkihar.


  • On the west wall two vanities with storage dressers are available

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