Volkihar Torture Chamber is a room that is upgraded by Castle Volkihar Redux. This area already existed in the Volkihar Ruins. Once the Dawnguard quest Touching the Sky is completed the ruins become Valerica's Tower and it will upgrade this room with new torture devices, decorations and NPC's.


The chamber is located on the top tier of Valerica's Tower. It can be accessesed from the lower levels of Valerica's Tower or down from Valerica's Study.


Dexternus Torture Chamber

Dexternus finishing his work

The Torture Chamber is equpped with a torture rack, torture tools, a large cauldron with a hot branding iron, a large cage with a vampire cattle inside, two Torture Victims chained to the walls and a Blood Bucket. The blood bucket has a ravaged skeletal bloody corpse hanging from the wall into the bucket. Apparently the other two torture victims hanging from the walls are next. 

Several NPC's are being prepared to be drained of their blood and lay lifeless on a table and a torture rack. When either the torture rack or the table are approached one will see a label for the corpses. One label says "Dead Politician" and the other says "Dead Torture Victim".

Part of the quest Port of Call takes place in this room when the Dragonborn meets with Dexternus.



  • The torture victims in chains on the wall will get free and run away if attacked
  • The torture victims in chains on the wall may sometimes go missing or stand around not in chains.
    • Solution: Simply leave the cell by going to Valerica's Study (or through any other load door) and the torture vicitms should reset back to their intended positions on the wall
  • If the torture victims run close enough to any of the other NPC's in the castle, the NPC's will detect that the torture victims are now hostile to their master (the Dragonborn) and will attack them until the torture victims are killed
    • Solution: One can resurrect the torture victims by opening up the console, clicking on the deceased and typing resurrect. Then hit the enter key. The torture victim will awaken from their death and will no longer be hostile. Leaving the cell will make the torture victims reset to their chained spots on the wall

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