Volkihar Vampire Followers
CVR Selene
Technical Information
Form ID
xx3ECE98 (Captain Wheeler)
xx15DA31 (Brom)
xx153BA3 (David)
xx03395CCF (Dexternus)
xx561F85 (Elizabeth)
xx00CC5B (Irarak)
xx561F86 (Jonah)
xx00A4BA (Louis)
xx00CC5A (Marara)
xx0968BF (Riff Raff)
xx10403C (Selene)
xx54E242 (Tomyris)
xx007EBE (Vincenzo)
Voice Actors

This is a list of all Vampire follow ready companions added by Castle Volkihar Redux, most of which are cookies of famous people.


Below is a list of follow ready vampire companions and where they can be found:


Since the start of the mod, many requests came in to populate the castle with more varying personalities. This list aims at naming some of them. Most of these followers will not appear until the Dragonborn completes the quest Touching the Sky, and some will not appear until other of the Castle Volkihar Redux-quests are completed.


There are many more friendly vampires roaming the castle and its grounds that are not follower ready. They are not listed above. You can read about the various NPCs here. The game only has so many follower ready voices so the author opted to create non follower personalities to mix it up.

One such notable character is a feral vampire wandering around in the Undercroft market place. He goes on about how he should go and find something to eat.

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