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Voryn Dreleth Books
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Voryn Dreleth Books is a mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that adds a series of books, written by the scholar Voryn Dreleth.


Little is know of the scholar Voryn Dreleth, but his works dot Skyrim and can be found by adventurers who are patient.


List of books by Voryn Dreleth
Title Location(s)
Dwemer Tonal Architecture Understone Keep
The Political Destabilization of Morrowind During the Nerevarine Sadri's used Wares
The Complete Spellsword Wayward Pass
North of Shearpoint
Between Crabber's Shanty and Morthal
The Gray Book of Dawn and Dusk Belyn Hlaalu's House
Letter to Jarl Elisef Blue Palace
Letter to Legate Rikke Castle Dour
Letter to Karliah Nightingale Hall
Letter to Brelyna Maryon College of Winterhold
Letter to Master Neloth East Empire Company Office
Letter to Maven Black-Briar Black-Briar Manor
List of books by Michael Kirkbridge
Eight Aedra Eat the Dreamer
Five Hundred Mighty Companions or Thereabouts
Histories of Strange Pre-Marriage
How Beautiful You Are
Lord Vivec's Sword Meeting
Seven Fights of the Aldudagga (1-4,6)
Shor Son of Shor
Source of Chaos
Tsaesci Creation Myth
Type of Zero Still to be Discovered
Vehk's Teaching
Water Getting Girl and the Inverse Tiger
Where Were You When The Dragon Broke