Welcome to Falskaar
Welcome to Falskaar
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Welcome to Falskaar is a quest in Falskaar. Olvir frees the Dragonborn and asks for his/her assistance.

Objectives Edit

  1. Help Olvir find Mecaius
  2. Report to Jarl Agnar

Walkthrough Edit

This quest triggers after the bars have been lowered in Mzubthand by Olvir.

The quest is fairly simple to begin with: simply follow Olvir out of Mzubthand and into the nearby Brittlerun Cave. After entering this small area, strong bandits will be discovered inside and they will have to be dealt with. Watch out for archers and magic users, as they can deal heavy damage and potentially kill the Dragonborn/Traveler in one shot.

After dealing with all the bandits, Mecaius will be found. He explains that the bandits kidnapped him because they believed him to have information on an object that Yngvarr Unnvaldr is looking for. Once he is freed, Olvir will ask that the Dragonborn/Traveler relay this information to Agnar, the Jarl of Amber Hold.

Once out of Brittlerun Cave, Olvir will open the gate and free travel is allowed within Falskaar. Follow the path down to Amber Creek and find the Borvaldur Manor: this is where Agnar can be found. Tell him what you found out and he'll be astonished. After dialogue ends, the quest will complete.

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