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Wet and Cold is a mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, authored by isoku. Its purpose is creating a more immersive feeling by making NPCs go inside during storms and wear a cloak when it rains.


Wet&Cold - Holidays Riverwood

Riverwood Holidays decorations

  • Adds little breathing-clouds to NPCs in cold weather.
  • NPCs flee inside during storms.
  • NPCs will wear headwear during snowfall and rain.
  • Holidays version: creates a bit more ambiance in the cities as they celebrate traditional holidays.
  • Ashes: applies original Wet and Cold to Dragonborn, but with ash instead of snow.


  • Cloaks of Skyrim: adds support for cloaks added by this mod to NPCs.
  • Frostfall: NPCs will be equipped with certain items from this mod (if patch installed).
  • iNeed: Food spoilage rates are reduced in cold weather, NPCs may have a waterskin with, from which the Dragonborn can purchase (expensive) refills for their own waterskin.
  • Winter is Coming: adds support for cloaks added by this mod to NPCs.