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This article is on the book. If you are looking for the article on the quest to find this book, see Black Book: Whispers of the Veil.
Whispers of the Veil
Whispers of the Veil
Marberius Tirailias
Found In

Whispers of the Veil is a Black Book added by Undeath

Acquisition Edit

This book is found in Scourg Barrow and can only be reached if the Dragonborn has a heart from the Priest of Arkay in their inventory.

Contents Edit

Will and consciousness are stronger than organic life itself. If the soul can be so bound to Mundus, impositions of the mortal frame can cast off and the practitioner ascend to a higher state in which the restrictions of Arkay have no authority upon the practitioner, who enters

(The rest of the book is not readable)

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